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The operation of Angelic depends on material items listed below. (If you are interested in how to help financially, please CLICK HERE).

In addition to our most urgent needs, listed to the right, we have regular, ongoing needs.

Urgent Needs!

  • Plates!urgent3
  • Canned vegtables for our pantry.
  • Twin mattresses and box springs
  • Sheet sets: twin, full and queen size
  • Men's, Children's and Women's underwear, all sizes
  • Towels, blankets
  • Cleaning and Toiletry Supplies, especially shampoo, deodorant and razors.
  • Can openers. measuring cups, serving utensils, items for kitchen boxes.

Ongoing Needs

  • Hygiene Items
  • Food for Pantry
  • Paper goods for Pantry (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, paper plates)
  • Cleaning supplies for Pantry

Someone To Adopt The Following Areas

  • Volunteer guides to service our clients
  • Toy Aisle/Shoe Area
  • Linens
  • Clothes
  • Baby Room
  • Office Workers (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Reception Area

Cleaning Starter Kit

These buckets are filled with a variety of cleaning supplies such as:

  • Window cleaner
  • Laundry detergent
  • Cleaning disinfectant
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Dust clothes
  • Dust pan
  • Mop
  • Broom
  • Bucket

This would be another good project to consider for Sunday School Classes, Small Groups or individuals.

We Need Volunteers

If you have a passion for helping people, talk to us about being a volunteer. This is a wonderful place to share Jesus with others.

There are many areas in which to serve: office work, stocking shelves, cleaning,  etc. If you are interested, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Tammy at 865-523-8884.

Food Boxes

Our hardest box to fill is our Food Box. We make up food boxes for families of two, four and six. The following is a sample box for a family of four:

1 box of cereal
2 cans of tomatoes
2 cans of ravioli
1 can of pinto beans
1 can of carrots
1 can corned beef hash
1 box stuffing
1 cake mix and icing
1 jar peanut butter
4 cans of soup
1 large can of beef stew
1 box of spaghetti noodles
1 can of corn
1 bag of rice
1 can of pineapple chunks
1 box mac and cheese
2 cans of Vienna Sausage
1 box of crackers
1 large can of chili
1 jar of spaghetti sauce
1 can of sweet peas
1 canned ham
1 box of mashed potatoes
1 small box of biscuit mix
2 cans of evaporated milk

Kitchen Boxes

These are boxes of house ware items and are made for families of two, four and six.       .

We include as many of the following items that we have:

  • Clock
  • Pots and pans
  • Plates
  • Glasses
  • Silverware
  • Knives
  • Can opener
  • Cups
  • Bowls
  • Spatula
  • Measuring spoons
  • Measuring cup
  • Pot holder
  • Dish rag and towel