Classes will be held at:
Angelic Ministries
1218 N Central, Knoxville TN 37917.

12 -  2  hour weekly classes Mondays  8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Spring classes begin on the 1st Monday of February.
Fall classes begin on the 1st Monday of August.                           

There has always been a demand to fill positions in skilled labor occupations. There will always be vehicles and buildings in most any town an individual chooses to live in.

There are plenty of institutions and courses to train people in skilled labor occupations. So, if an individual has the time and the resources, they could go to one of these institutions and participate in a course designed to train them in a particular occupation. Then after they have spent months or years taking these classes, not the mention the money it cost, in most cases, they would be required to work at least a year at an entry-level position receiving entry-level wages, before they could become certified or licensed and obtain higher wages.

ANETS is NOT an attempt to train participants for any particular occupation.  ANETS is an alternative to modern vocational training that reverts back to a more traditional method of sharing essential trade skills and linear thinking, as families did from one generation to the next.

Just as the name “Accelerated Navigation of Essential Trade Skills” implies, participants will be navigating through essential trade skills at a very fast pace. There will be 12 hours of classroom training and 12 hours of lab and hands-on training. Participants will be exposed to general knowledge in various skilled labor occupations. They will also be introduced to numerous rules and laws of man, physic, and nature, which not only govern different jobs but everything in this world.

There will be a particular focus on the following three “essential trade skills”.

Process/Procedure Implementation, Measurement Interpretation, Tools/Supplies Recognition, and Usage.

Getting participants to understanding the relevance of applying the “essential trade skills” in conjunction with the rules and laws of any task in life, is the ultimate goal of ANETS.

This will equip participants to build a career in the occupation of their choice and assist them as they navigate through life.  Graduates of ANETS should be able to demonstrate enough general knowledge and linear thinking skills to cause Employers to feel comfortable giving them an entry-level job. Once they obtained an entry-level position, they can use ANETS lessons concerning self-motivation, continuous growth, and taking advantage of opportunities, to obtain licenses and/or certifications, to build whatever career they want while earning a living.

A fillable Registration Form is available by CLICKING HERE. This is a Microsoft Word document you can print out, fill out and then fax to us at 865-637-1883. You can also fill this form out on your computer and then either print it out and fax it to us or save the file and then email it to us at