Zions Ranch


It has been our plan to purchase, remodel , and occupy 3430 Zion Lane for the purpose of a Residential Life/Job Skill training facility ie. Boarding house.

It will  house approximately 12 men along with a staff couple.  It will house our men as they advance through our A.N.E.T.S  program which is Advanced Navigation of Essential Trades and Skills. This is a 12 week program: 6 weeks  classroom and 6 weeks in lab or hands on training.

The men will also go through advance budget training along with meal planning, preparation, and general housekeeping.  It is our goal to help aid men with this training while housed at Zion Lane with positive reinforcement and teaching varied coping skills to navigate a successful life.

Each resident will be housed in their own room, but would share a common dining area, activity room, and laundry facility similar to what it was when a Senior Adult Facility or its original use as Zion’s Children’s Home. Therefore, all of which will be used for teaching best practices in each area.

We now must bring the building to code and follow all guidelines for this use.  Of course, it will take your help as we proceed toward taking steps, reaching goals and realizing the dream of over 10 years.  We are excited beyond words and blessed to be walking this journey with each one of you.

We ask that you keep connected with us here as well as our facebook page to find ways to help us realize the dream. Financially, it is foreseeable that we will need to raise approximately $500,000.00 for the entire project.  We would love to be occupying Zions Ranch in one year and be debt free upon arrival.  There are other ways you can help that may drastically reduce the funding needed such as , labor, in-kind donations of services as well as material and equipment.

Please help us as we faithfully take our next step. Permits are to be issued soon and work will begin. Sign up to help. Hit the donate button to give and more importantly pray for us as we travel this exciting road together….MARCHING TO ZION!!!!!!